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Application To Become a Kansas Licensed Professionals' Alliance LLC Subscriber
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Please read the Terms of your subscription with the National Architect Corporation, and our Privacy Policy, which extend to
Kansas Licensed Professionals' Alliance, LLC by reference.  Your payment of subscription fee is your acknowledgment that you have read the policies and concur with them.

Your Name: ___________________________   Date of Birth: __ __ ____
Male or Female
(optional):  M  F          Mr. Ms. or Mrs.  (optional)
Street Address,
City, State, Zip: _________________________________
) ___ ____ Fax: (   ) ___ ____ email:____________________                      
Web site address
, if you have one: _______________________________
Business Field(s),
with City, State and Registration Number:

(List all)

Are you interested
in buying and selling services through the National Architect Corporation?

        Yes__No__ (this is a separate subscription).

Can you attach anything
you have written, or can you write a statement of what Licensing issues are impacting you that you feel must be corrected? Please explain how the public, your clients' specifically, our industry, the local economy, and or local regulations review are impacted?
Include any complaints that have ebon filed against you or which you have filed. Be sure to copyright the material before you send it, so it cna only be reproduced or quoted from after your written permission.

       See attached:

For the work of this LLC to be effective
, each member will need to make calls and write letters. Efforts, because they are spread throughout the Members, are not expected to require much of your time, and we will try and set deadlines so you can work these Tasks into your schedule. If the requested work is "within reason" will you pledge to try and meet each request for letterwriting and calls?  

        Yes __ No__

For some Tasks you may feel
that open acknowledgement of support of the Team's work might compromise your responsibilities to your present or future clients, the LLC will accept currency, or, possibly your work on other issues or Tasks of the LLC. Would you agree to help in some way if you can't take a public position?

One of the LLC's guiding principles
is that we are not attorneys, which means, we do not have to accept the compromises which attorneys normally make when composing legal strategy. Our work induces Parties harming our license activities to produce their evidence during administrative procedures, so if we do have to engage an attorney, the attorney has at the time a lawsuit is filed sufficient discovery in hand that he or she can Motion for Dismissal of the Administrative acts, or Summary Judgment, with Prejudice.

        Does this make sense to you? If yes, why? if not, why?

In many cases, an attorney would advise
, "let's meet them halfway". their reasoning being that it costs too much to go civil trial; they may have to show the Judge how the law actually applies, thus angering the Judge; or he or she may have to appear repeatedly before this same body and is more interested in "keeping things friendly" then defending our position 100%. 

When our reading of the same law and cases says to us "if we compromise, the client loses, we lose, the public's risk, the attorney must "keep all the unwanted water out of the building", (just as we do, or we get sued even if only the designer not the building builder). Advice to "cut our loses", when we lose value when we did nothing wrong, will be ignored by the attorney and will be shown back to the attorney that he or she has compromised the Attorney Rules of Conduct.

        Does this make sense to you? If yes, why? if not, why?

At no time in our research
(the last eight years) of solutions to actions which take place outside the law have we seen people form a for profit corporation to raise money, hire a skilled manager who knows how to guide attorneys, understand what the issues are, navigate administrative (pre-civil court), hew to client centered truth, rather then compromise with the Courts or the opposing legal defense "because justice in America is bought and sold, not as-of-right available to citizens".

Why are you qualified to be one of the early adopters of this disruptive technology? (Be aware, we are not seeking a majority of licensees to put themselves into this effort. In fact, we only need and will accept the few who are committed to the freedom we deserve). Are you a professional who is comfortable being a leader in our industry, and in our community?

      Please explain.

What is the name of your practice? 
Corporation? __ Sole Proprietorship__ LLC? __ Work in Government?__

Please send your resume
or firm brochure via email.

Please list three professional references
with full contact information.
               Contact 1:(name, address, phone, email)

               Contact 2:(name, address, phone, email)

               Contact 3:(name, address, phone, email)

Capital Structure:
The National Architect Corporation is providing startup capital and subsidizing operations until breakeven is reached. The Corporation will maintain controlling interest in the membership shares of this LLC. Members can invest with US funds, or with professional time. Professional time earns .1 (one tenth) of a share per hour invested. funds invested are $1 for one share. If the LLC buys back a member's shares, it will be at $1, or if fund investors buy member's shares, they will be traded at a minimum of $1.

           Do you agree with these terms?

Membership Requirement:
For professional subscribers, a narrative description of your accomplishments, your background, events that shaped your professional (and possibly personal) life, principles, and lessons learned is required.

Outside donors may select from any one of the posted narratives for download, as a gift for their donation to the work of the LLC. Each professional subscriber may also distribute the narrative.

For a negotiated fee, the National Architect Corporation staff may be contracted to write, edit, or collaborate on this biography. 

           Do you agree with these terms?

The Managing Agent
controls the operation of the LLC. He will seek members' guidance, and attempt to make decisions based on consensus.

         Do you agree with this term?


        Membership fee, annual ................................$25       add to cart
             (permission to observe the LLC communications)
        Project Leader (one per project, Stuart Owsley for this Project)
                             monthly ................................$25       add to cart

       Project Contributor, monthly............................$10       add to cart

       Project Investors ($1 per share, not to exceed 49% of issued shares)
                                                                                                        add to cart

copyright, National Architect Corporation, 16 September, 2014