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About The National Architect Corporation
The National Architect Corporation was formed after 40 years of professional practice, with the objective of enhancing the probability that its subscribers' business value will be higher and stronger then if the business operated outside this support structure.

The Corporation was formed largely
because after 40 years of practice, we have seen how the education saddles us with too high a debt load, our internship opportunities have not been teaching self sustaining skills, and our practices are worth less with higher risk then alternative investments.

The Corporation
provides tools which support integrated practice of design and implementation of change to the human-built environment.
The change subscribers enable increase Freedom of those whom we serve.

The National Architect Corporation
creates a forum where affiliates can match themselves with other individuals so the small practitioner can deliver design services with the power of mid to larger sized firms, more efficiently, and with projects managed by the partners in charge, as opposed to non-decisonmaking, possibly less experienced, firm associates.

Without subscribers,
no value is created or delivered. With the right size and the right qualities, participation in this market should  make subscribers' business values provable, tradable and bankable, with reduced risk subscribers.

The Founder and Managing Agent
is a licensed architect, certified planner, and provider of development services. Upon request, his detailed curricula vitae can br provided.

We believe
we can only be most effective if we are all humble, hardworking, do not compromise our client's needs, or coworkers, or families, for material gain. We do operate fairly, and do not permit compromise of community standards of transparency and the rule of law.

copyright, National Architect Corporation, 13 October, 2014
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