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Are We A Good Fit?
The National Architect Corporation application process through its interview process, referrals, references, review of subscribers background and training, and a preliminary testing period, seeks to determine if our operation and yours might be a good fit.

We need to anticipate
the resources, drive, and direction subscribers are bringing, and assure that we can adjust to the unique attributes of each subscriber. The whole system is likely to change as each new subscriber joins. We want to be sure our system works smoothly as it grows.

We want to make sure
that we are able to support each new subscriber's activities, so our growth and upper limit of subscribers is likely to be gradual. We are not seeking to reach some unlimited numbers of engaged participants, so we create a high valuation for outside capital. We are to remain focussed on what it takes to grow your business and career sustainably.

The Corporation was formed largely
because after 40 years of practice, we have seen how the education saddles us with too high a debt load, our internship opportunities have not been teaching self sustaining skills, and our practices are worth less with higher risk then alternative investments.

It is more important we get the right people and be able to sustain our work then to have signed up lots of people and be flooded with cash flow incoming and poor or no services outgoing.

The Corporation profits only and to the extent its Affiliates prosper
. Your monetary cost to participate in the system is based on your increased income from participating in the system. The license granted Affiliates in theory must be worth more then the fee cost to rent it.

If your monetary assets,
the value of your business, has not increased and does not continue to increase from participation, the participation will be phased out. That is how we measure if we are a good fit.

For the time you are an Affiliate in good standing
, you may have access to all the tools available to subscribers. If you chose to license the use of the Corporate name in your practice, no Affiliate license will be issued in your competitive market unless you first approve.

We have hopefully designed this operation
so you can concentrate on focussed service to your clients, they way you define highest quality. We intend to fit around and with you to make it easier for you, your colleagues, and your families, to prosper from your business activity. We want to have substantial impact on the design industry by making our affiliates' design practices actually be bankable, and have saleable assets which produce income over the long term so Affiliates can live real lives.

We believe
we can only be most effective if we are all humble, hardworking, do not compromise our client's needs, or coworkers, or families, for material gain. We do operate fairly, and do not permit compromise of community standards of transparency and the rule of law.

copyright, National Architect Corporation, 01 January, 2018,
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