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Help With Working With Our Site
1. Question:  Are trial periods allowed to get trained how to use the
subscription tools?
yes....and the training continues throughout your subscription
as Affiliates add to the offerings. Every subscription has a thrity day right to cancel with a full refund of the subscription fee. A non-compete agreement runs for a year.

2. Question
:  How quickly do we get paid if we sell a service or a product through the National Architect Corporation?
: Depending on your agreement with the buyer, usually four to seven days after the funds clear the National Architect. It can be quicker depending if wire transfers are used, if the payment goes through PayPal, etc.

3. Question:

>Lgoin or Subscribe To The National Architect
Help In Your Role As An Affiliate

1. Question:  Do I still own my own firm if I am an Affiliate?


2.  Question:
  What liability do I have as an Affiliate to the National                         Architect Corporation?

:       You must adhere to the Operating Agreement you sign at                 the start of the Affiliation.
                   You must respond as required by payment services if
                   there is a dispute.
                   You must hold the National Architect Corporation
                   harmless from any and all claims related solely to your work.

2.  Question:
  How does the National Architect Corporation know if my                         income increased from when I started?

       Each affiliate is required to self-report what they claim
                   is their increased income from their base at the time
                   they start.
                   Each affiliate, in the operating agreement, allows
                   the Corporation the right to audit the books of
                   the Affiliate, or ask the Affiliate's Accountants to
                   report the income increase.

3. Question: 
  What if my stock investments increased, or my rental property earned more income, or I inherited money?

        It is up to you, as the Affiliate, to report what you
                   feel you can be proven as increased income due
                   from your affiliation with the National Architect. Realize,
                   if you the National Architect helped you increase
                   your credit score or your loan limits.....the rental
                   income might be reported.  The rule to follow is
                   report whatever you feel is fair. Think this way:
                   if something happens to you, and your spouse or
                  children or attorney have to go through
                  your  books....would they see you were honest?

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