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Help In Your Role As An Affiliate  (continued)

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4. Question:    What if my personal or corporate stock investments increased, or my rental property earned more income, or I inherited money do my National Architect Corporation fees go up?

         No, unless the reason the income increased came from your
                   work through the National Architect Corporation, or strategies
                   we provided to you at your request. It is up to you, as
                   the Affiliate, to report what you feel you can be proven
                   as increased income due from your affiliation with the
                   National Architect.

Realize, if the National Architect helped you increase your credit score or your loan limits.....the rental income  or stock dividends increase might be reported has having been enabled by National Architect inventions. 

The rule to follow is report whatever you feel is fair. A test to follow: if something happens to you, and your spouse or children or attorney have to go through your books....would they see that income increases were reportedly honestly?

The rule we follow is if we have to pay overhead costs to track down whether our affiliates are gaining because of their work with us.....we are probably not working with the right affiliates.

We may do periodic audits, unannounced, if our accountants, attorneys, or investors insist on it, but.....this is not how we wish to operate this business.

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