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Industry Manufacturers
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We seek Manufacturers to work with which want to expand the use of their products throughout this country's markets.
We seek manufacturers who seek research partners in academic settings.

We seek manufacturers wanting to establish relationships with students, so as they grow into industry responsibility they understand how to work with the built environment industry to become better specifiers and designers.

We want students to learn the costs to manufacturers of tests for safety and for meeting industry and regulatory requirements. We want students and their teachers to understand the manufacturing processes. We want students and faculty to learn of value-creating careers in industry.

We seek to create a means for industry to reach the small and medium size design firm at the least cost, so those firms can be practicing at the leading edge of innovation as well or better then larger firms.

See the page to register as an affiliate, and review the products and services available to manufacturers once they are approved as an affiliate.

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Industry Manufacturer Affiliates