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Looking to achieve a particular return, at a given level of risk, over a targeted period of time?

The National Architect Affiliates work with a range of project types, credit levels, periods of repayment. Affiliates can assist you in structuring equity or debt investments which fit your objectives.

Selective Affiliates offer our own proprietary financial instrument. In the typical scenario, the Affiliate assess the project, and creates a strategy for how the project may be financed. The Affiliate may elect to provide equity financing or match equity financing of the project sponsor. The first Task financed with equity the Affiliate and the sponsor is a feasibility study.

The feasibility study creates a schematic plan, projects project costs and ongoing income and expenses, designs the financial structure for the development, examines the market for the use of the facility, and identifies development challenges.

The sponsor guarantes that regardless of whether the project is financed, the sponsor will compensate the Affiliate for the equity investment, possibly over a three to five year period. Investors receive their principal back plus their stated interest. The investor has right of first refusal to provide a bid for supplying the equity, debt, or a debt guarantee after reviewing the feasibility study.

Investors also can provide three to five year financing for Affiliates to purchase their licensee to operate a protected national Architect Corporation territory (for a set period).

For a list of current projects, please email:

Please give us an idea about the size, type (equity, debt, or both), rate of return of and on capital you are seeking.

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Romanesque 1912 32,000 sf
Church to be converted to music and arts community with performance hall.

Eight single family cottages for young professionals or retiring families.

$1,400,000 long term mortgage paying 7% annually for refinance and renovation of a well established Church. 70% loan to value.

$250,000 first mortgage on 22 acre Gardner, Ks. ranch. Owned free and clear. $1,400 a month payment. Balloon in five years.

Fifty $3,000 territory licenses, each personally guaranteed,7% interest amortized over three years.