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Privacy Policy
1. The National Architect Corporation values serving its subscribers in ways which enhance the value of their business, teaching, research, or study, while protecting their privacy and that of their clients.

2. Like other intelligent enterprises, we need to study our clients' needs, so periodically we ask you for information which can help us improve, but without probing into your private operations.

3. One way we earn revenue to offset the costs to our subscribers as they use our tools to build their value and improve their service is by providing the opportunity for industry, universities, subscribers, and our staff to reach you with the product ideas, research, services, and seek feedback. We do not allow monitoring of your activities by any third party, for fees, or not.

4. In the Virtual Office, our staff  does review what data you allow us to work with, and our editors and site facilitators do have access to the collaboration software. No one is given access to those areas of the website outside of our staff, by name, and unless you have given specific written approval for that access.

5. We assume everything you post anywhere on the website is protected by your copyright, and only re-package your material with your advance written permission.

6. The Policy applies without regard to what tool you use to access our website.

7. We STRONGLY encourage subscribers to pay us through electronic transfer of funds, though you can use standard credit card payment systems. By electronic transfer, from your Bank to ours, you see our depositing account but we do not see yours, only our Bank does.

8. In some applications, we ask for your name, address, zipcode email, website, phone, fax, cell phone. You may be providing us with your resume.

9. At no time do we ask for social security or EIN numbers, except if we have to report 1099 or W-2's, except on those forms provided by the government. Only our HR function will have a record of that material. The information is not kept anywhere on the website.

10. If you post materials on the website, your email address, or the one you are using, may appear on the website. Do not use your personal email for business activities on this website if you cna avoid it.

11. No one from our office will speak to you by phone asking private information outside of what is asked for on the website. If they say they are calling from our office, please verify with us. No one from third parties not with the National Architect Corporation will be calling you with sales offers. If anyone is selling anything through this website, it will be with our prior approval and will only be listed in the "Marketplace" and described in the "Products" pages.

12. When there are investment transactions, firm partnership or share sales, loan applications, or other detailed information normally handled by and through attorneys or title or escrow companies, they will be handled in those channels, not through this website.

13. Your sales transacted through the website are not historically retained on this website, but are recorded by our Corporate Treasurer/Financial office. The only way they can be released is by Court order, or at your written, verified request.

14. We may perform analysis of the amount and type of your transactions, for the purpose of analyzing what products and services we should be offering, to whom, and what changes are needed in merchandising.  Our Bank, or our investors may seek to review our sales and expense records, but that would almost occur only through registered auditors.

15. To our knowledge the software we are using does not plant cookies on your computing equipment. If you find otherwise, let us know immediately. We do not intend to place cookies on anyone's websites.

16. We may receive information which is publicly or commercially available from third parties.

17. We do not sell our mailing list.

18. We do not take advertising on this website. Some sponsors may want to place materials on the website for educational exposure to you, for which we are paid compensation. Such advertising does not track any individual subscriber. We may post links, for free or compensation, if the only followup communication is from you to the third party.

19. We will cooperate with law enforcement, with legitimate court issued requests for information; if we believe there is a threat to you or safety of your colleagues; it is necessary to protect our rights.

20. In the unlikely event of a change of ownership, or bankruptcy, your information may transfer to another entity. If this causes a change to this Privacy Policy, you will be given the opportunity to opt out.

21. At the present time, we do not anticipate linking to social networking sites such that visitors from those sites can gain entry to subscriber information at this website. If this policy changes, we will notify you and you will have the opportunity to opt out.

22. You may adjust the information you provide us by going to your Account, and making the changes.

23. Safeguards we take: Your information is stored in secured facilities. Use HTTPS encryption when you log onto our service.

24. We are based in the United States, and any information we store on you  will be stored in accordance with U.S. privacy laws, regulations, and standards. By using our site, you consent to this policy.

copyright 15 September, 2014 National Architect Corporation
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