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Workspace: Professional Affiliate
When you subscribe to the National Architect Corporation as a Professional Affiliate, you will be assigned a secure Project Workspace where our communications will be conducted to and from, and stored, and project Gantt charts, invoices, and project reports will be archived.

Examples of Potential Projects/Profit Centers:

Offer real estate and or project financial packaging services to your clients' whose projects are languishing because of financial issues (work with us as your consultant).

Represent the National Architect Corporation National architectural/engineering Affiliate on Projects too large for your firm alone

Gather Other Affiliates to join With you in seeking and performing projects in your market.

Engage SalesBoost, our Sales Team added to your local Sales Efforts.

Engage SalesBoost, our national Account Sales Efforts which need you to serve companies in your market

Build Your Corporate Credit To Achieve a Non-Guaranteed Credit Line For Your Corporate Business.

Develop and Market Your Technical Inventions; Sales Approaches; Copyrighted Designs; to other Affiliates not in your market

Increase your income by becoming a National Architect coach.

License National Architect Corporation Technology to boost the value of your business.
Circulate your potential projects to pre-qualified investors.

Provide for your business succession.

Provide for unexpected business interruption.

Provide Undergraduate or Graduate Student Internships.
Students will work with our Internship guidelines to increase your firm's exposure in your markets; help you find projects fitted to your business goals; learn, and then teach, and install technology which advances your firm's technology edge.

Teaching/Research Opportunities:
Work with our academic sales team to make you available to Schools for onsite or electronic lectures, workshops, min-courses, or share in research opportunities.

Design Competitions:
Participate in our sponsored competitions to showcase your firm.

Case Studies:
You, we, or another Affiliate, may research and write case studies of your projects, inventions, or product installations, so the materials can be used in media, industry, and designer education efforts.

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