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The Office of Public Advocate/Center For Built Environment Justice
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Corporation Office of Public Advocate
Affordable, independent architectural, planning, development technical services for developments in sections of Kansas City considered below average measured by blight, poverty, racially impaction, crime, drop out rate, etc. is the long overlooked link between the needs of people, and sources of capital. 

Eligibilty for the service
(Churches, neighborhoods, for profit businesses can apply)  is assessed after a review of the proposed project's mission, objectives, potential impact on core city growth, how well it fits in with its surrounding neighborhood, the markets served, how many people are involved and how many benefit.

The Officeof Public Advocate/Center for Built Environment Justice is a function
of the forty year old licensed architectural firm owned by  Lawrence Goldblatt. His work includes the saving and renovation of the Mutual Musicians Foundation and its designation as Kansas City's first National Landmark. Implementation of the MMF's strategic plan called for creation of the still evolving Jazz District.

The Office of Public Advocate/Center
is non secular and non political in whom it serves, and how it operates. The Office/Center seeks to secure equity financing to get projects started, matching sponsors' sweat equity and cash.

The Office/Center
works as much as possible with private financing because projects can be done faster and at lower cost, and meet the Program needs of sponsors without the compromises required by a politically controlled system. Initial funding came from the Goldblatt Architecture firm and a local private foundation.

The Office/Center
is staffing the Parity Trust Fund, (copyright, Lawrence Goldblatt, 2009) an endowment to offset the failing economics of the core city. The income from the Parity Trust is to be invested based on scientific, and not political, means to offset forces which cause sections of our city to be below "parity" (average) of comparable areas of the city.

For information on projects of the Office/Center, or, to subscribe to it and support its work, please visit the marketplace. Thank you,

Lawrence GoldblattRegistered ArchitectCertified PlannerDevelopment Manager

copyright Lawrence Goldblatt 1 January, 2017

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