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When your subscribe to the National Architect Corporation as a Public  Affiliate, you will be assigned a secure Project Workspace where our communications will be conducted to and from, and stored, and project Gantt charts, invoices, and project reports will be archived.

Examples of Potential Projects:

PROJECT PLANNING:  You will be guided through the initial research needed to make a problem statement around which others with like interest can gather; and professionals can see how they can fulfill the project needs.

The research can form the basis for a strategic plan to attract the resources needed to solve the problem.

Students, and recent graduates, can engage in the National Architect Corporation Internship program. Students self-start researching basic information needed for funders, other public members, and or professionals.

Interns gain a requirement for licensing, and valuable, usually modestly paid, experience.

We can supplement your efforts by providing written content, strategic consulting, and campaign benefits (donors can get a free subscription to the National Architect Corporation).

We, or an Affiliate, may design and manage a design competition. You can provide jurors, and staff managers for the events, getting exposure for the project,  exposure for it.

You may see a project which National Architect Affiliates are engaged in which you would like to closely follow. Some projects may allow for various degrees on non-client participation.

We, or an Affiliate, may be called on for researching and writing case studies of various types. One area of our work has been using change of  the designed and built environment, to increase beneficiaries' freedom.

This has included successful advocacy against government corruption in low income housing and community development, and blight removal, mortgage foreclosure fraud, judicial unlawful acts, administrative body unlawful acts, unlawful public eminent domain taking, seeding of Kansas City's first National Landmark and its jazz district. 

Select public affiliates may qualify to research and produce articles which the National Architect will publish on its website. Some articles may be offered for sale, earning fees for their authors.

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