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The National Architect Corporation
has as its core mission the support of small to medium sized design practices throughout the United States and selected international locations. It invents and provides firms with strategies and technologies to increase revenues and decrease operating costs. It seeks to make it possible that equity in this part of the design industry is fungible, and compensation across all classifications is commensurate with the risks of practice.
For industry to become more efficient, and operate with lower risk to its investors and the consumer, there need to be many links expanded and strengthened between industry and academia. We are building a University component to our services, in response to several needs identified through review of student, practitioner, and faculty observations.

There is overwhelming need for quality internships which giving students critically needed practical experience oriented to their interests, at affordable cost to industry.

The past two summers, we tested an internship program on a small scale, and we are now ready to launch a web based version for recruiting this spring in readiness for summer offerings. I would like to invite your school to be one of the sites for 2012 internships. There is an internship program for undergraduates, and one for postgraduates. Neither  now counts toward the NCARB requirement for professional interning but they can be made to qualify. These internships meet the Federal laws for internships.
The program is self directed; in addition to conventional lessons gained from professional internship, participants practice identifying sponsor needs and sell the Intern's services. Our tools guide the participant through steps which have them find a client needing architectural research or programming, or building conditions or energy surveys, and then coach them to find an architectural firm which will agree to mentor the student. Potentially, the mentoring firm gets introduced to a possible project. It gets to run an internship program without itself necessarily having to fund the intern side. The interns will be responsible for finding sponsors who can pay a stipend, the bulk of which is retained by the intern with some fees to us.
Many firms cannot afford an internship program, but every firm must find ways of bringing new work into the firm. The interns learn how to find, create, and close on a potential project even where, as is the case today, the client did not think they could proceed with a study.
This invitation is directed to your office knowing there is likely a person or Department at the School charged with responsibility for finding internships and students to match.

Our request:
We ask you to identify a point of contact so we may set up this program very soon.


We can provide our coaching to help faculty of Schools of Design identify technologies, software, inventions which our professional Affiliates can lease or buy, test, and advance their practices. We envision supplementing your School's budget with off campus revenue for the Design Programs with which we affiliate. Our fees come from program income, not your current budget.

Our request: If you would like to talk about creating a scope of services and a budget, please email me with suggested times when it would be convenient to talk by phone.

We will assist your office in developing strategies and implementing them for lobbying budget authorities, development funders, or government agencies where our expertise can enhance your on campus and alumni assets. For example, you may have us work with you to lay out a plan for how to demonstrate to the State's Legislature the importance of continued fiscal support for the Program.
We will assist you with identifying industry based solutions to on campus challenges in times of shrinking budgets.

Our request: If you would like to talk about creating a scope of services and a budget, please email me with suggested times when it would be convenient to talk by phone.

The National Architect Corporation seeks a formal relationship with your School so both faculty and students can publish case studies. National Architect makes a market for the thinking, craftsmanship, or inquiries of your academic community which may provide of benefit to the wider National Architect Corporation audiences. If Professional Affiliates see a case study of interest, they can purchase that item from the National Architect. Your author receives 70% of the retail price.

The National Architect will maintain contact with architecture, planning, and development blogs and print journals, and try and place its affiliates' case studies with wider distribution channels.

Our request:  delegate someone at your school, (perhaps the head librarian?)  who will promote the Case Studies program amongst the School community.


There is a small fee ($75, annually renewable) for the School's affiliation with the National Architect Corporation. You can get further information about the National Architect Corporation internship program at this website.

If you will confirm that the School is interested in accepting this invitation, and you or another party is the school's point of responsibility for internships, sponsored research, or development, I can send you an invite via email.
I need to try and identify each of the qualifying schools by May 1, 2018. Can I hear from you about your School's interest?
Thank you,
Lawrence Goldblatt
Registered Architect, Certified Planner, Development Manager
The National Architect Corporation ©®  is a Kansas based Corporation, servicemark and copyright protected. The Corporation itself is licensed in the State of Kansas and but does not solicit architectural work for itself, only for its associates. 1 January, 2018

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