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When your School subscribes to the National Architect Corporation as an Affiliate, you will be assigned a secure Project Workspace where our communications will be conducted to and from, and stored, and project Gantt charts, invoices, and project reports will be archived.

Examples of Potential Projects:

Undergraduate or Graduate Internship:
Students, and recent graduates, can engage in the National Architect Corporation Internship program. Students self-start which firms and employers to all on, may create a project of their own choice which they take to potential firms, who agree to supervise the Intern as it may lead to a project for the firm. The Internship program keeps Alumni(ae) engaged.

Interns gain a requirement for licensing, and valuable, usually paid, experience.

We can supplement your staff by providing written content, strategic consulting, and campaign benefits (donors can get a free subscription to the National Architect Corporation).

We maintain a list of lecturers and topics from which your School can select on-campus or online talks, symposia, short courses. You can offer your faculty the opportunity to be listed.

We, or an Affiliate, may design and manage a design competitions, usually for an industry manufacture but occasionally for a civic interest body. Your School can provide jurors, and staff managers for the events, getting exposure for faculty, and experience for students.

We, or an Affiliate, may be called on for researching and writing case studies of product installations, so the materials can be used in industry's customer and designer education efforts.

Your school's faculty and advanced students may earn fees and exposure for their work on such projects.

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