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National Architect Subscription Catgeories
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Professional Affiliates
State Licensed Designers

Technical Affiliates
Trade specialists serving licensed professionals and the public

Graduate Interns
Graduates and Grad Students of Professional Design or Engineering

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Post graduate Internships
Industry Manufacturers
Building industry Products

Student Interns
Professional Design Program Students

Schools of Architecture
Accredited Schools of Design or Technical Studies

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Media Members
Print, electronic companies whose audiences are affected by buidlings, roads, etc.

Public Members
Quality Design Supporters + Problem Solvers

Professional Design Program Faculty, Staff

   Are You Thinking Of Designing A Project? Use our residential,
  commercial, religious, or other planning tools to plan your project
  and hire the best designer suited to your project.

   On our Accessibility: For potential Affiliates, we are in the process of identifying technologies which will enable you to subscribe in any affiliate Category.  We are approved by the Veterans Administration to work on disabled Vets' housing in the Kansas City metro area.

For people with a project, if you know of persons with limitations who need to accomplish a renovation, purchase, addition, pr new construction, please refer them to us at the same email contact.


Observation: Through the End of 2014

At the present time subscriptions, products, services, licenses to operate as an Affiliate to or manage teams of Affiliates are not available for purchase. We are only taking expressions of interest at this time.

We are holding off on sales
of any items until we hear back from  potential subscribers such as yourself as to whether you are willing and able to engage with the National Architect Corporation, and how. We can launch the service with a threshold of subscribers in each department, but we cannot enroll more then what our system as designed can handle.

We will not oversubscribe
in any one subscription category just for the sake of higher cash flow. We are seeking an optimum number of the right subscribers, not the maximum number of just anyone with interest or money.

If you are interested in subscribing
with the National Architect Corporation, or providing or using any of the any of the products or services please email:

and indicate if you would like to

    reserve a subscription, in what category,
     and what products or services you
     might like to offer, or purchase, through
     the company.