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My Workspace: Student Intern Workspace
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When you subscribe, you will be assigned a secure Project Workspace where our communications will be conducted to and from, and stored, and project Gantt charts, invoices, and project reports will be archived.

Examples of Potential Projects:

On Campus Internships:
Students may be able to perform
services for the National Architect or for manufacturer's, media, or design firms which may generate part time income during school, engage the student in working internships off campus during school downtime, enabling credits toward licensing reuqirements to be accrued.

Internships Designed by the Intern: 

You may find one or more potential design projects, for which you draw up (with our assistance) project programs; then you select firms in which you are interested and you intevriew them to see if they will sponsor your internship doing that project. It may lead to a job for the firm, or get you in the door where no internship was possible.

Media Internships:
You may engage
with a Media coimpany, assiting them with reserach on editorial topics or assiting to develop or write news stories
about built environment topics.

You may engage with one or more other Affiliates to provide a "coaching" function, agreeing by contract to assist with managing a firm or specific projects which need a gentle human or computer based "push".


Manufactuerer's Specialists:

Design Competitions: You may contract to manage or participate in a deign composition, serving as a juror or a paid staff manager of the event.

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