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The Mother Ship

The National Architect Corporation is seeking a contractual relationship with a national (and or international) multidisciplinary firm with which we can work.

The ideal firm will have multiple offices and divisions practicing in architecture; planning; the major engineering disciplines; interiors; landscape architecture; industrial design; and possibly other specializations.

National Architect subscribers
can scout for projects which the larger firm has stated it is seeking to perform. The local firm is paid a commission if the local lead turns into a contract. On occasion, the local subscriber stays in and serves as the larger firm's local representative.

National Architect subscribers
form a team of potential investors and managers for the larger firm. As teams form, and perform, the national firm gets to cultivate a wide net of potential investors, project managers, specialist consultants. The local subscribers get access to a potential investors in their firm, and a network which may enable them to locate to other markets.

The Mother Ship
gets to make better utilization of their staff experts as some small projects may need national level experts.
The Mother Ship
gets access to nimble multiskilled practitioners on projects which may need falser response then the Mother Ship can deliver.

The Mother Ship
gets to participate in the design and sponsoring of internships throughout its system allowing the firm to draw on the strongest candidates from around the United States (and even abroad!).

Transitioning of employees:
One of the services the National Architect provides to the Mother Ship is in the event there is a need to shift personnel from fulltime employment, the larger firm and their employee may elect for the employee to shift to part time, work at home, or re-focus their career entirely, through a designed transition with the National Architect Corporation.

If you are a senior manager or stockholder in a firm which you think might meet the criteria for affiliation,

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