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Your Virtual Office:

Smaller firms, and individuals, may not have the time, or personnel, or data collection and analysis skills, to collect and report back to senior management quickly and practically subtle aspects of the business operation.

We have selectively examined and tested enterprise software systems and made effort to understand how to apply such software to our subscribers, so you can gain the benefit of sophisticated enterprise software without the overhead of fulltime personnel.

Your virtual office also enables you to engage in a collaborative workspace, so you can easily collaborate with other subscribers and build your virtual team so you can build your firm on an ad hoc basis for the various profit centers which you manage.

The Virtual Office does add modestly to monthly fees. Because your needs are unique, we are pricing the services on a subscriber-by subscriber basis. We are endeavoring to offer pricing below market rate, so both enterprise software and collaboration software is accessible to even sole practitioners, part time and technical professionals, and students.

Please inquire. These tools are the ones which elevate the small practice to all the power of a large firm while allowing higher quality personal service.
Designate Your Virtual Office in your marketplace (cart) and we can design technology support to mulitple your effectiveness.

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